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Tuesday, 6 September 2022

GTA 6 could be coming sooner than you think

After a recent message from Rockstar to the developers of GTA 5 to thank them for their efforts, some believe that there are hints that GTA 6 is coming sooner than expected. 

At the start of 2022, Rockstar officially confirmed that it is indeed working on Grand Theft Auto 6 but has otherwise kept quiet about other details of the game. There have been a few speculations about the next entry to the series, including the suggestion that it might be set in Vice City again, but official information is thin on the ground. 

At the start of September Rockstar posted a new page on its official site. A dedicated thank you page to show its appreciation for the thousands of developers who have worked on Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online over the years since the game launched. 

The post reads:

"Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online represent the combined efforts of our global team over many years. We want to acknowledge and thank everyone who has contributed to these games, from their original launch in 2013 all the way through to present day." 

Followed by a long list of those involved which is said to total nearly 6,000 developers, designers, programmers and more. On finding this thank you page, some have suggested that it implies that this is the "beginning of the end" for Grand Theft Auto 5. As well as the possibility that Rockstar is readying to reveal more about GTA 6. It's hardly official confirmation, but it might be a hint of things to come. 

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