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Tuesday 20 September 2022

Google Pixel Watch price leaked along with colour options

Google's own home-made smartwatch was stuck in the realm of rumour and speculation until the company itself teased the product at its annual I/O conference earlier in the year. 

While we didn't find out absolutely everything about the watch, we got a thorough enough glimpse that we at least know what features it will have, and what it will look like. 

Now, thanks to a new leak, we also know what the pricing is set to be. 

A report from 9to5Google - with information from retail sources - says that the watch will be $349.99 in the US for the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model and $399.99 for the cellular/LTE version. 

Each model is also said to come in three colourways too. Both will be available with a black case and obsidian band and a gold case with a hazel band. They'll also both come with a silver case version, but with a chalk coloured strap on the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model and a charcoal/grey coloured strap on the LTE. 

These, of course, are just the standard configurations that are to be offered by retailers. Google is expected to launch a number of additional band styles and colours, just like most other smartwatch makers. 

At these prices, however, it's positioning itself as competition to the more established Galaxy Watch 5, which is actually cheaper in the US than the Pixel Watch is expected to be. 

Google then will be relying on the appeal of it being 'The Pixel Watch', plus its unique round design and software features to offer a challenge to the other similarly-priced and cheaper competition. 

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