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Monday 12 September 2022

Cheaper Chromecast with Google TV HD certified ahead of launch

Along with a whole stack of other devices - not least the Pixel 7 phones - Google is expected to launch a new Chromecast with Google TV during its Made by Google event on 6 October.

This is made even more likely by the discovery of a certification listing on the Bluetooth SIG website.

Bluetooth SIG certification is required before any Bluetooth device can be released to the public. It ensures its wireless transmission technology meets set standards.

It also usually only appears when a product is close to launch. That could mean Google's new Chromecast could hit stores as soon as the October event is over.

The new streamng device, which is also thought to be called Chromecast with Google TV HD, has appeared in several places before. It has popped up on Geekbench and on the FCC certification site too.

Previous leaks also claim that it will run on Android 12, support 1080p streaming, and support the AV1 video codec. Perhaps the most important feature is that it will be cheaper than the existing 4K Chromecast.

It is said that the new model will be less than $30 (around £25), making it a very accessible way to get the Google TV experience onto a TV that doesn't require the best resolution.

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