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Monday, 15 August 2022

YouTube channel store could launch this autumn

YouTube is reportedly working on an online portal allowing you to subscribe to various streaming services.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the video giant has been developing its channel store for at least 18 months.

It's supposedly already in talks with potential partner companies, too, so we should expect a launch sooner rather than later.

Amazon and Apple have seen success with similar strategies in recent times, the Journal claims HBO Max received 4.5 million subscribers through the Amazon platform alone.

With YouTube's massive user base, many of whom have already registered payment details, it could prove to be a big success.

Especially, since many people use YouTube to look up trailers or clips from TV shows, an in-app upsell makes a lot of sense.

It's also worth noting that YouTube struggled to create its own premium TV-style content, axing its YouTube Originals programme earlier this year.

Choosing to lean on Hollywood for the original programming, while taking a slice of the fee, seems like a smart, if unexciting, business move.

The challenge YouTube faces is convincing the streaming services that it's not a threat to their long-term goals.

On one hand it has a massive audience and an easy path to sales, on the other, it represents a pretty big shift away from the traditional TV industry.

The YouTube channel store could launch as soon as this autumn, and we're looking forward to seeing how it comes to fruition.

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