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Thursday, 18 August 2022

You'll soon be able to share TikTok Stories on Instagram automatically

TikTok has announced that it's rolling out the ability to automatically post stories from its app to other social networks including Instagram and Facebook.

This means it'll be easier than ever to duplicate your TikTok content over on other apps, including a host like Instagram that are very much trying to muscle in on the video-sharing boom.

The big limitation here is that this only applies to TikTok Stories, live slices of video that disappear after a day, since they're so very similar to the Stories offered by Instagram and others.

From the sounds of things, however, you'll be able to send your TikTok Story over to Instagram in the form of a Reel, which can appear in a few different sorts of feed, something that Instagram is itself prioritising at the moment.

So, this isn't a silver bullet letting you post your content super-easily between the most useful parts of each network - not yet.

What it is, though, is another little tool that could be handy for creators who are doing most of their direct engagement on TikTok, but want to post the content that results onto other channels as well, without having to do a bunch of self-copying.

We don't know when the rollout to global users will be finished by, but in the meantime you can just keep an eye out for more sharing options when you've finished uploading something to your TikTok Story (if you even have access to Stories yet, at this point!).

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