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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

The most interesting Smart Home product this year: Why you need to know about QBell

Let's face it, your neighbours, family, or friends probably have had, or currently have a smart doorbell. And why not; it's helpful to be able to answer the door from anywhere when you're not at home. But there are many problems with smart doorbells, namely their expense, need for Wi-Fi, and electrical wiring.

What if you could enjoy all of the benefits of a smart doorbell without the cost or hassle while having a more sustainable solution? Well, now you can, with QBell.

Why you should be investing in QBell

Starting from just £9.99 for QBell, or £12.99 for the larger series 2 QBell, including free worldwide shipping, you'll be able to enjoy a more eco-friendly alternative that's far more affordable than other smart doorbells.

Using a custom QR code generated for you, QBell eliminates the need for Wi-Fi, wiring, or installation. Once you've received your QBell, you can invite up to two household members to join the new QBell, free forever. That's right, no subscription is necessary.

Removing the anxiety from your life

Many people want to invest in smart or video doorbells because it removes the anxiety of the unknown when there's a knock at the door and you don't know who it is. But the problem most households face is that it's simply a nightmare to wire in a new doorbell, let alone the stress it can cause when you consider the privacy issues when connecting the device to your home's Wi-Fi.

QBell doesn't need any internet access. Simply remove the cover from the adhesive backing and place QBell anywhere you like, as long as your visitors can see it. This is perfect for renters, office buildings, or university students since you can just relocate QBell when you move location.

When a visitor arrives at your door, they scan the code using their smartphone, then you can start interacting with them from anywhere in the world. Leave preset messages for couriers, know exactly who's at your door before answering, and feel safe in the knowledge that your personal information isn't being shared or is at risk of being hacked. No more missed parcels, no bulky hardware, and no expensive fees. What could be better?

The affordable and sustainable alternative

Since QBell doesn't require batteries, doesn't have to be connected to a power source, and doesn't need to be connected to the internet, you're free to place it wherever you like. 

The QBell app is free, but your visitors won't need it to be able to contact you when they're at your door. The whole process couldn't be simpler, and it costs less than most people spend on lunch or dinner.

No matter where you are in the world, you can reap the benefits that QBell offers and use quick replies or real-time chats to respond directly to whoever is at your door. It's safer, smarter, and sure to be the most affordable smart doorbell solution around.

QBell is currently offering a 25 per cent discount to new customers throughout August, so there has never been a better time to try one. Pocket-lint readers can get this discount by using the code 'QBell25' when checking out here.

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