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Monday, 15 August 2022

The Acevolt Campower 2000: Perfect for living off-grid

Due to weather and climatic changes or poor infrastructure, off-the-grid living is becoming more common among people. They prefer to run their homes independently from the main power because of irregularities or heavy payment.

You are not directly connected to essential utilities like electricity and water when you live off the grid; therefore, having the means to provide essential services such as solar-powered electricity for yourself is crucial.

Is living off the grid beneficial?

Many people would say yes. Living off-grid might not be a choice, but it has some advantages;

  • You can live a self-sufficient lifestyle, meaning you don't have to rely on other sources.
  • Since you know how much energy you have and need, you can control the energy consumed per time.
  • There's less environmental damage and harm, especially if you generate your electricity from natural sources.

Off-grid living is highly desirable but might not be an easy goal to accomplish. There's a need for a reliable and robust solar generator to generate and store power for when it is needed, which is why you need an Acevolt empower 2000. The Acevolt campower 2000 is perfect for off-grid living, and here's why.

Faster, safer, and stronger

If you're looking for one of the lightest 2000watt EV-grade LiFePo4 portable power stations, it is the Acevolt campower 2000. With a 2000watt built-in inverter, it can power up to 4000watt of your devices. Empower 2000 can satisfy all the power needs of living off the grid. It has a battery capacity of 1997Wh, which makes it very strong and durable to charge up to 95 devices before its battery finally runs down. Since it can power up to a 4000W device, it is technically the best solution for any outdoor activity of the grid, such as camping, RVing, and "Van life". It is also beneficial in your home during emergencies such as power outages.

Perfect for electronic devices

Modified sine waves on the grid and other inverters or solar generators can harm your devices and appliances. These modified sine waves have high-frequency harmonic content that causes a higher heating effect in the motor of these devices. The high heating effects cause overloading hence burning the engine of your devices. The campower 2000 does not have these modified sine waves; instead, it includes a pure sine wave inverter, producing the same or better sine wave AC power than the grid. This helps protect your devices, reduce noise, and reduce power consumption. When using it to power your devices, you can rest assured that they won't get damaged or burnt.

Recharge to 80% within 87 minutes

Another fantastic thing about the acevolt campower 200 is that it charges fast. It takes 87 minutes to charge to 80 per cent and 108 minutes for a full charge. This shows that you can always depend on it at all times because, unlike other inverters and solar generators, it takes the whole day to charge it in less than 2 hours. Upon being fully charged, it would still power all your 4000W devices well. Even if it runs down entirely, you can be assured that you'll be able to get it to charge your devices again in less than two hours.

Five times longer lifespan

The lithium iron phosphate battery has a five times longer lifespan than standard lithium-ion batteries. Acevolt campower 700 has about 3500 charge cycles before reaching 80 per cent of its original capacity. These regular lithium batteries only have about 500- 700 charge capacity, which 0literally won't even charge up to 4000W devices. Even after 3500 charge cycles, you'll still get 80 per cent of its original battery capacity. So it can go beyond 3500 charge cycles, which means you'll keep using it repeatedly without even thinking of having another backup plan just in case it goes off. This is why it is the best option for living off the grid because you need something with a long life span to have a perfect and stress-free camp. With the capacity of this solar generator, you are guaranteed about 15 years of use, unlike other solar generators that would last two to three years.

Built-in adaptor

Most solar generators these days are still built with a traditional adaptor, so you'll have plenty of use of a heavy adaptor to charge it. This would be a lot of weight to carry while going camping. Acevolt campower 2000 is built with a 2-in-1 inverter which is also an inbuilt adaptor rather than the traditional adaptor. With this, you can charge the solar generator with just a cable. It makes it portable and easy to carry wherever you are camping or RVing.

Three different charging options

Imagine if your solar generator can only be charged using solar panels; it means you might not have access to power without sunlight. The Acevolt campower 2000 can be charged in three diverse ways so that even without sunlight, you can have unlimited access to electricity.

It can be charged using solar panels, wall outlets, and car charging. When using solar panels, it takes about 5 hours to charge fully, about 1.5-2 hours when using a wall outlet, and about 11-12 hours to reach full charge when charging with your car.


It's rare to find a solar generator or inverter with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) battery backup system. Just imagine You created the solar generator majorly for off-grid purposes, but it is instrumental even on the grid. It has a 10 minutes switchover time!! Isn't that amazing! Immediately there's a power outage; it comes on and stays on for 10 minutes, helping you to quickly round off things or make a quick think for a plan B.

When UPS mode is turned on, it can only accommodate devices up to 1000W, meaning that you can connect your Desktop PC's smartphone, router, alarm, point of sale terminal, and home entertainment equipment. And you can always switch back to using the solar generator itself, but the UPS mode is basically to prevent suddenly cutting you off from power.

Quick charging USB 3.0

Acevolt campower 2000 has nine outlets for charging and connecting devices and appliances. It has a car outlet too for use in the car. Out of these nine outlets, it has a particular USB that charges the phone so fast. The USB is a quick charge 3.0 USB outlet. It beats the former type QC 2. Charging technology by charging 1.4 times faster. It also charges four times faster than conventional charging speed. This particular outlet is so fast that you can set your phone from 0-50 per cent in 30 minutes. Technically it can charge about five phones in 5 hours! 

1100W input/500W MPPT

Another great thing about campower 2000 is that there are three ways to recharge it. It has a wall outlet charging (1100W max), car charging, and solar charging (500W max). This gives you many options to charge like other solar generators that have one means of input. It also has an integrated MPPt technology that increases the charging efficiency as it varies.


The power is in your hands with Acevolt Campower 2000 - you can use it however you like to create a system that makes you less dependent on the grid than ever before. You should visit Acevolt's website to order it if that sounds appealing.

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