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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Raleigh Trace is its lightest eBike yet

Raleigh has taken the wraps off its latest eBike, the Trace, revealing an impressively slim silhouette and a design that could fairly easily pass for a regular bike.

For an eBike, it's impressively light at 16.5kg, which makes it Raleigh's lightest electric model, albeit one that will still be a little bit of a hassle to carry up a flight of stairs.

The battery is built into the frame and fairly inconspicuous, but at 250 watt-hours it gives you around 80km of range, a good amount that sees it live up to the current standards of the eBike market.

It'll take around four hours to fully recharge that battery, and Raleigh hasn't mentioned it being removable, so we'd assume you'll need to plug directly into the frame to do so.

The Trace comes in two colours, the funky blue we've got pictured and a bronzed finish that's quite old-school, both with the classic Raleigh crest emblazoned on the front below their handlebars.

It's priced at £2,199, and that gets you the bike as well as its pannier rack and lights. We don't know a huge amount at this stage about how many gears or levels of assistance it offers, but that information should arrive fairly soon since the bike should be available to order shortly.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/162221-raleigh-trace-ebike-electric-bike-launch

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