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Friday, 19 August 2022

Nintendo to shrink Switch box to increase supply

Nintendo is reportedly planning to shrink down the packaging of its Switch consoles by around 20 per cent, starting this month.

That might sound like a fairly obscure move, but it could ease global supply concerns by allowing Nintendo to ship more consoles in each consignment it sends, helping boost efficiency.

It's a pretty obvious concept, in fact - the smaller the box around each console, the more you can fit in a crate.

The report comes courtesy of Nikkei in Japan, via VGC, and indicates that Nintendo has a keen eye on keeping up the momentum of the hugely successful Switch.

After all, this is another big period for the console, with the likes of Splatoon 3, Bayonetta 3 and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet all to arrive on the Switch before the end of 2022, and few huge exclusive games coming out on rival consoles in the meantime.

The Switch's sales are technically in decline, although that's not a huge surprise given that it's been on the market for years now, even with the value added by newer versions such as the Switch Lite and Switch OLED.

Whether some big releases can reverse that slide, or simply maintain it at a rate that keeps Nintendo very much satisfied, only time will tell, but it sounds like the console will be in smaller boxes either way.

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