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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

KBO Ranger Cargo electric bike: Find out all about this superb ebike

If there's ever a case where an electric bike makes more sense than a traditional bike, it's in the cargo bike category. Cargo bikes must, by definition, be chunky, durable, and heavy - to transport cargo. So you're already looking at a bike that's a little cumbersome before you even put a load of groceries on it or let a child ride on the back. At that time, you must ensure that you have enough gear and physical power to carry your cargo around. It's enough to convince riders who aren't entirely sold on the concept to reconsider purchasing a standard cargo bike.

However, when a cargo bike is converted into an electric bicycle, the electric motor's power compensates for the majority of the obstacles of riding one. You no longer have to be concerned about slopes on your way back from the shop or the difficulties of getting the heavy, laden bike rolling from a complete stop.

Everything about it, from the portable and lightweight frame to the considerable cargo capacity, makes it a new and exciting option for riders looking for a bit more at a lower cost. There are several reasons why this electrical bike is even considered a top contender in the first place.

Price, speed, mobility, and outstanding performance are just a few examples. If you're still wondering what all the fuss is about, let's look at some of the most critical features of the KBO Ranger Cargo Electric Bike.

The KBO Ranger is powered by an 840Wh LG battery and a 750W motor, allowing the rider to go up to 60 miles on a single charge. It also has smaller but broader tires for more stable riding over rugged terrain. These tires are adaptable, allowing them to meet the needs of passengers, whether they are driving their children to school or hauling large items.

The KBO Ranger's rear rack and 400-pound payload capacity are two of its most appealing features. It's a huge deal because not all cargo ebikes have such extensive storage space. Unless you're trying to pack a truckload of cargo on an ebike, the bike should be adequate for your requirements.

The new KBO Ranger aids the transportation of both persons and goods. Thanks to the sturdy metal rear rack, it can carry up to 120 pounds. That's very impressive for an ebike that weighs only 77 pounds. This means you may take it on a trip with friends or family, move heavy equipment, or bring the kids home from school. This might be useful for folks who reside in places where it is complicated to get parking. You may ride the KBO cargo ebike to work every day.

The Ranger ebike's front end is also designed to accommodate a rack (sold separately) with a capacity of up to 50 pounds if you fancy carrying stuff in front or balancing your load. The bike also has an integrated front headlight and taillight, which helps you see at twilight or in the dark and is visible to other drivers. The taillight also functions as a brake light, which is convenient.

It only takes 5 hours to charge the battery from zero to complete. If you keep it charged regularly, topping it off generally takes an hour or two.

An ebike might have everything and still be lacking in the essentials. One of the essential requirements is a high-quality construction built of long-lasting materials. Everything, including the colossal aluminium rear rack, implies a durable design.

Furthermore, the rack is nicely completed with a hardwood top that appears rather sturdy. The rust-resistant twin centre stands are likewise composed of aluminium alloy.

When it comes to sturdy reinforcement and long-lasting materials, most people feel that aluminium is the best option right now.

Aside from the clever frame/component architecture, there's also an 'intelligent mounting bracket' that can easily hold up to 50lbs of weight. Furthermore, the back and front fenders keep dirt and other elements out.

The Tektro mechanical disc brakes are designed to slow the bike down even when fully loaded, providing plenty of stopping power.

Because the battery is secured to the bike when it is snapped into place, the KBO Ranger ebike comes with two keys. Suppose you intend to use it mainly at home and do not want to remove the battery. You may charge it while it is still attached to the bicycle at the shown spherical port that opens to take the charger connection.

If you want, the keyhole is on the other side of the frame. You release the battery (the black component at the bottom of the frame that is clamped up inside the bike's frame) and remove the complete battery to charge separately inside.

Alternatively, you may remove the battery while locking up the bike someplace, such as a café or a store, and bring it in to make the bike less attractive to potential thieves.

There is hardly any product that does not have some drawbacks. The KBO Ranger is no exception to this rule. The weight of this beast was one of the first things that you notice after first trying the electric cargo bike.

It's not the lightest electric bike on the market, which may be a problem for smaller riders or anyone who doesn't want to deal with the added strain. 

You won't find a better electric cargo bike than the KBO Ranger Cargo Bike. Let's do a quick rundown of its features.

In Frame and Removable 48V 17.5Ah Lithium-ion Battery with Samsung/LG Cells

One of the most notable advantages of a KBO Bike is its battery life, which is certified for 900 complete charge cycles. You can ride up to 60 miles on a single charge thanks to the 840Wh battery capacity.

Powerful Sustained 750W Brushless Geared Hub Motor

You won't have to worry about lifting large loads or climbing steep uphills because it's powered by a constant 750W brushless geared hub motor.

48V 3 Amp Quick & Smart Charger

It takes 5 hours to completely charge the battery, shortening the time between rides and allowing you to keep up with the fast pace of your riding demands.

48V LED Headlight

Press and hold the "UP" button for 3 seconds to turn on the light. This feature makes cycling at night safer and allows motorists to see you.

Integrated Brake Rear Light

The rear light is a built-in LED light powered by the battery pack. The rear brake light quickly brightens when you engage the brakes while riding.

The Shimano 7-speed Shifter

It's engineered for your riding experience and lets you change gears on the fly to adapt to diverse terrains.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

The 180 mm disc rotors on the front and rear provide adequate braking force even under challenging situations.

Extra-large, Adaptable Rear Rack

The strong aluminium rear rack can support loads of up to 120 pounds. You may go for a trip with your loved ones, carry your children to and from school, or move some heavy equipment.

Ergonomic Half Twist Throttle

Take a rest and cruise when you're sick of pedalling. To accelerate, gently twist the throttle on your right.

Adjustable Saddle

This bike seat is a durable and comfortable saddle that absorbs the impact of road bumps. You may change your position by shifting the saddle up and down and back and forth.

20"*3.0" CST Tires

The tires are made of high-quality materials resistant to punctures produced by sharp objects to avoid holes. It gives a more steady and smooth ride on your journey since it is bigger than standard commuter tires.

Intelligent Installation Points

It comes with an intelligent mounting bracket that can support up to 50 pounds. You can load it however you want.

LCD Backlight Display

The display offers you a variety of information to help you keep track of your riding circumstances. A charge indicator, a speedometer, an odometer, a trip odometer, a pedal assist level, and other amenities are included.

Full Fenders

Both the front and rear fenders come complete with essential hardware. They are highly durable and keep you dry and clean from water and muck.

Center Stand

It is built using a rust-resistant, strong, and long-lasting aluminium alloy.

Some of the specifications of the KBO Ranger Cargo Bike:


35-60 miles

Total Payload Capacity

400 lbs

Recommended Rider Heights

4'11" - 6'3"


3.0 Amp Quick charger


48V /22A


LCD backlight display


77 lbs

Pedal Assist

0-5 level

The KBO Ranger Cargo Electric Bike is not just a good choice for riders who want more room for convenient transportation. It's also one of the market's most cheap solutions. Furthermore, it's reasonable to say it's a cost-effective option for its class that also delivers on quality.

So, this could be an excellent pick for riders looking for an e-cargo bike that can carry up to 400 pounds, has reasonable mileage, and has a powerful engine.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/162213-kbo-ranger-cargo-electric-bike-features-details

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