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Thursday, 11 August 2022

How to watch QuakeCon 2022 and what to expect

Bethesda's annual community event, QuakeCon, is back this year with a packed schedule of streams and tournaments, all based on Bethesda games and franchises, including some that haven't yet hit stores.

The event starts on 18 August and runs for a few days, and we've got all the key details for you down below, so check them out for start times, what games to expect and more.

When is QuakeCon 2022?

QuakeCon 2022 starts on 18 August and ends on 20 August.

On 18 August there will be an opening-day showcase of upcoming and recent releases, which will begin with a pre-show at 5:15PM BST and start fully at 6PM BST.

In the US, the pre-show will start at 09:15AM PT or 12:15PM ET, with the full show kicking off at 10:00AM PT or 1:00PM ET.

You can check out a full schedule divided by time slots on the QuakeCon website right here - it's the best way to see exactly what's going on, and when.

How to watch QuakeCon 2022

QuakeCon is again a virtual event this year, which means that watching it all is a pretty simple affair - just head to the event's official Twitch page, right here, and once things kick off you'll be able to tune in to watch whatever's happening, live.

What to expect at QuakeCon 2022

We know that QuakeCon will open with a 30-minute presentation that will again welcome us into the world of Redfall, Arkane's next big shooter.

The game was relatively recently delayed into the first half of 2023 by Bethesda, so there's a little while until we'll get to go hands on with it, but we've seen a decent chunk of gameplay already. We're assuming that we'll get another, lengthier demo this time around.

A bunch of other already-released games will get their time in the spotlight, too, from The Elder Scrolls Online to Ghostwire: Tokyo, via Deathloop and Fallout 76.

There will be speedrunning challenges, cosplay events and developer Q&A's throughout the three days of events, along with a throughcurrent of competitive Quake gaming - after all, that's where things really got started for QuakeCon, hence its name.

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