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Thursday, 18 August 2022

Break into the creator economy to monetize your talents and imagination with Wondershare

The past decade has seen the rise of the creator economy, driven by social media influencers, video content creators, and TikTok stars. In this economy, anyone (literally anyone) can become an influential global star, provided they have the talent and drive to bring their vision to life. While the rise of social media laid down the groundwork for the creator economy, the pandemic accelerated society's digital transformation, bringing the importance of creators to an all-high.

The creator economy is primed to grow stronger in the post-pandemic era. If you have the drive to create unique content and promote your brand online, you can monetize your skills and imagination. But you need the right tools to accelerate your rise and turn your imagination into income. Modern-day content creators are expected to release a never-ending stream of content on multiple social media platforms to remain relevant.

If you want to maximize your opportunity, you need access to user-friendly and intuitive tools that allow you to create, edit, and monetize content on the go. Wondershare has been at the forefront of the creator economy since the very beginning, dedicated to offering new content creators the tools they need to excel. Wondershare is dedicated to empowering all the potential creators out there with creativity and user-friendly tools.

To that end, Wondershare attended VidCon 2022 to celebrate the creator economy and launched the #LevelUpAndShare creative prompts challenge. Keep reading to find out how Wondershare can help you boost your creativity and monetize your passion.

Quickly and efficiently edit your videos with Filmora 

Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-use desktop video editor for all skill levels. If you're a visual content creator for YouTube (or other similar platforms), you need to edit videos rapidly. Filmora provides an abundance of intuitive features that allow you to edit your videos and audio files in minimal time. The platform is intuitive enough for novices and sophisticated enough for the most skilled video editors and veterans.

The following is an overview of Filmora's most useful features:

  • Make your music come alive with audio visualizers
  • Apply special audio effects to your videos with one click
  • Quickly cut and split your videos
  • Add a professional touch to your videos with Boris filters
  • Convert voice to subtitles in one click
  • Convert text to VoiceOver narration in one click
  • Add a wide range of creative effects to your videos
  • Track the motion of your video's primary subject (motion tracking)
  • Create intuitive key frames to anchor the points of action (key framing)

Access a library of stock content with Filmstock

Whether you're making content for YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, you need access to stock footage that can enliven your videos. Wondershare Filmstock gives you access to a massive library of stock content for all creators, allowing you to enhance the visual/ audio quality of your content. The Filmstock library includes 400+ video effects, 70,000+ royalty-free stock images, and 1700+ music files. You can try the stock content for free.

Create stunning videos on the go with FilmoraGo

These days, most content creators rely on their smartphones to handle most of the content creation process. Transferring videos from your phone to the computer, editing them, and sending them back to the phone takes a lot of time and effort. But with FilmoraGo, you can create stunning short videos for TikTok on your smartphone. You can also access all the tools and features usually found in sophisticated desktop video editors.

The following is an overview of FilmoraGo's most useful features:

  • Edit videos on smartphones with custom text
  • Access 5000+ augmented reality stickers
  • Access 1000+ music files from the music library
  • Access 600+ filters for your videos
  • Beautify yourself on photos and videos with a single touch
  • Create intuitive key frames to anchor the points of action (key framing)

Bring your imagination to life with Anireel

Animated videos are the most effective means of conveying complex information in a funny and accessible form. Whether you're creating content for marketing, eLearning, or social media, you can now bring your imagination to life with Anireel. This platform has over 70 template videos for different scenarios, which you can quickly customize according to your needs. With Anireel, you don't need to be a skilled animator to create animated explainer videos.

Enhance your videos with aesthetic filters with Videap

Wondershare Videap allows you to create complex videos on your smartphone and enhance them with aesthetic filters. You can choose and combine multiple effects and filters to make your videos look creative, fun, and engaging. The app allows you to track and trace your motion with optimal precision, add a diverse range of background music, and choose from a wide range of aesthetic filters and AI effects. Making videos on the phone has never been easier.

The following is an overview of Videap's most useful features:

  • Merge multiple effects to make unique videos
  • Add sparkles, optical illusions, 3D effects, and other forms of aesthetic filters
  • Select existing video templates for your videos
  • Select from a wide range of background music for your videos
  • Track and trace your motion
  • Enhance the subject's beauty

Wondershare attended VidCon 2022 to celebrate the booming creator economy with global talent

Wondershare has been one of the foremost champions of the creator economy since its inception. The global creative software company attended VidCon 2022 from 22 to 25 June, where its booths were visited by over 5,700 attendees. On the last day of the global convention, Wondershare also announced the launch of a #LevelUpAndShare creative prompts challenge to further support and boost creators from around the world.

Participating in the #LevelUpAndShare creative prompts challenge is simple:

  1. Create a video showing how you recharge - do you listen to music, bake, workout, what's your process? The video should be 10 to 30 seconds long.
  2. Enhance the video with transitions, titles, templates, and creative effects found in Wondershare's suite of creative apps and software.
  3. Share your video on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with #LevelUpAndShare and tag @Wondershare.

Boost your creativity with Wondershare's #LevelUpAndShare creative prompts challenge

The #LevelUpAndShare creative prompts challenge aims to help creators expand their skills and experiment with new video stylings. The winner of the contest stands to win an iPhone 13 (128GB), and other prizes include two RODE Wireless Go II and five $100 Amazon Gift Cards. But the biggest prize is the ability to create fun videos, expand your skill sets, and engage with a global community of enthusiastic content creators.

If you want to break into the creator economy and monetize your passion and imagination, we encourage you to register for the #LevelUpAndShare creative prompts challenge and try Wondershare's suite of creative products.

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