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Friday 18 February 2022

Intel delays its Arc desktop graphics cards

At its annual Investor Meeting this week, Intel unveiled the roadmap for its upcoming Arc gaming GPUs.

Intel previously announced that we would first see the GPUs in Intel laptops from OEM partners in Q1 2022.

While this appears to be the case still, desktop gamers will have longer to wait.

The roadmap suggests that Intel desktop graphics cards will ship in Q2, with workstation GPUs following in Q3.

As far as performance, Intel says its first generation of Alchemist GPUs will support DirectX 12 Ultimate, mesh shading, variable-rate shading and, importantly, hardware-based ray tracing.

Intel also promises AI-driven super sampling tech, allowing users to squeeze every last frame of performance from their hardware.

Sound good? Intel thinks so, and it hopes to ship more than 4 million desktop graphics cards this year.

Behind the scenes, Intel has already begun working on its second and third generations of GPUs.

Codenamed Celestial, the third generation sounds particularly exciting as it will be targeted at the "ultra-enthusiast segment."

Another area Intel has been working on is ominously titled Project Endgame.

This is a service enabling people to access its Arc GPUs via the cloud and it promises "an always-accessible, low-latency computing experience."

There aren't many details surrounding Project Endgame just yet, but Intel intends to make it available later this year.

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