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Friday 18 February 2022

Huawei P50 Pro available in the UK from 22 March

Huawei has announced that we'll finally be able to buy the P50 Pro in the UK from 22 March, and that the Watch GT Runner will be available at the same time. 

The two products were recently released in Europe, having originally launched in China some time before landing on the continent. 

P50 Pro is Huawei's latest flagship smartphone, offering premium build, a stunning display and some of the best cameras you've ever seen on a phone. 

The downside of it launching now - especially at a full retail price of £1099 - is that it's powered by previous generation Snapdragon 888 hardware, which has been superseded now by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Of course, it's also hampered by the fact that there's no Google Play support and - although there are some convenient workarounds to get many popular apps - some key ones still aren't supported. 

Still, if you really want one and are happy to wait another month to get hold of it, you can buy it direct from Huawei from 22 March. 

As for the Huawei Watch GT Runner, that's arguably the more compelling product here. It's a lightweight, but powerful and relatively affordable fitness-tracking smartwatch. 

It features pretty much everything the Watch GT 3 has, except Huawei created an external antenna design system to make multi-band GPS tracking even more accurate. 

The watch also features the latest running-centric fitness features, like the ability to sign up to training plans that constantly adapt to your own running performance. 

Watch GT Runner will cost £249 in the UK when it goes on sale next month, and will be available in black or grey. 

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