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Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Will this be what the foldable Pixel phone looks like?

Google's Pixel 6 is yet to launch, and yet, numerous rumours have sprouted over the past year claiming that the Alphabet subsidiary is working on a foldable model under the Pixel banner. 

Despite there being almost no direct evidence besides patent filings - which history tells us is a baseless arbiter to determine whether a company is actually working on a piece of tech or not - word continues to spread that we may see the launch of the company's first-generation foldable as early as late 2021. 

Our most decisive proof comes from codenames spotted in the Android source code, which seem to reference device models that experts can only attribute to an unreleased foldable. 

Considering the year's end is rapidly approaching and Google has still not yet revealed the official sale date for the next Pixel, the company announcing a folding smartphone in surprise fashion at the Pixel 6 keynote event would certainly make it the consumer tech shocker of the year. 

New renders by concept artist Waqar Khan now give us our first look at what may come. 

Designed in similar fashion to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 rather than the ostensibly more popular Flip 3, the fictional foldable Pixel measures in at 7.6 inches when opened, and features a narrow yet full-sized display on the front when closed. 

It shares the identical new camera module system Google has so boldly touted ever since confirming the existence of the Pixel 6 back in August and houses two hole-punch front-facing camera cutouts on both the front display and larger inside unit. 

Here's a look at the renders. 

As for pricing, there's no indication yet officially of what to expect, but if the other foldable smartphones on the market are any indication, don't expect it retail for any less than $1,600 / £1,500.

And finally, if you're interested in checking out Pocket-lint's Pixel 6 coverage, be sure to click here. 

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/google/158632-will-this-be-what-the-foldable-pixel-phone-looks-like

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