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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

We tried a smart telescope and these are the awesome photos we captured

We've long enjoyed images of space and snapshots of the vastly intriguing Universe that lays around the planet that we call home. NASA is regularly showing off awesome imagery it has captured with the likes of the Hubble Space Telescope or the various space-faring mission to Mars and Jupiter. 

It's also possible to capture your own images from home. If you have the right equipment, a lot of patience and the know-how, but that's not the only way. 

Stellina is a smart telescope that makes capturing views of the Universe around us really simple. Load up the app, click on the spot you want to see and this amazing bit of kit does all the work for you. 

We were asked to take a look at the Stellina observation station to see what it could do and we couldn't resist. 

This simple looking box isn't a telescope in the traditional sense, but instead the "perfect hybrid" between a smart telescope and camera. You don't need to know what the constellations are in the sky before you start using it as the system does all the work for you. 

Choose a constellation, galaxy, cluster or nebula from the app and Stellina automatically finds that object, focuses on it and then proceeds to collect imagery while stacking images to create the final result. With a long exposure, you can capture some incredible views. We've collected some of the best we managed for you to enjoy. 

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/158766-we-tried-a-smart-telescope-and-these-are-the-awesome-photos-we-got

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