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Thursday, 7 October 2021

Sky teams with Zoom for new video calling device

Sky has previewed a video calling device it will be bringing to market in Spring 2022 as part of its event to launch Sky Glass, a new line of dishless smart TVs that have Sky's service built right into them.

Made in partnership with Zoom, it's effectively Sky's own answer to Facebook's Portal, deploying into people's homes in much the same way, to embed a video calling device right into their living rooms. With integrated noise cancelling, its microphones should be adept at picking up your voice, rather than background noise.

It will clip onto the top of a TV and connects to an HDMI port. There's a camera and you will be able to play games, participate in workouts, and speak to friends and family. That Zoom integration should mean that it works nicely with a whole host of devices, and won't require familiarisation with a new video calling service.

In addition, it can add video sharing during Sky content, such as Premier League football matches, with viewing parties and shared viewing becoming increasingly popular as a feature.

There's no name or extra details for the device yet, save for the fact it will gain extra apps in time. Exactly when that Spring 2022 date will be clarified into a more concrete timeline, we'll have to wait to see. Similarly, pricing wasn't discussed during Sky's event. 

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