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Thursday, 21 October 2021

PUBG New State will officially launch on 11 November 2021

Krafton has confirmed that PUBG New State will officially launch on 11 November, when players globally will be able to play the latest title in the PUBG series.

PUBG New State was originally teased in February 2021 and there have been 50 million pre-registrations across Android and iOS devices - with Krafton confirming that these registrations were spread globally.

The new game leverages PUBG IP. It's a battle royale game, set in the PUBG world in the year 2051 and based on a completely new map called Troi.

The aim of the game is to be the ultimate battle royale, promising next-gen graphics, and new game physics, making the most of the latest mobile hardware, but supporting older phones too, so everyone gets to play.

It will support iPhone 6S and newer phones, or Android devices with 2GB of RAM or more - with Krafton saying that it will work on devices back to the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The gameplay promises to be closer to the sort of gunplay you'll get in the PC version of Battlegrounds and take things beyond what you'll find in PUBG Mobile. While the games are clearly related, New State is an evolution and advancement of the PUBG world.

Indeed, there will be plenty that links the two titles, including the Erangel map - a PUBG classic - although it will appear in a destroyed state and slowly evolve into a New State version of Erangel through updates.

There are a couple of unique features of PUBG New State that will differentiate it from PUBG Mobile. There will be access to drones with various functions, including supply drones.

You'll be able to loot drone credit from the map to call in supplies you might want in the game.

That leaves flares free to do something else - in New State these can call in reinforcements for your squad. If a player is killed in the game, you'll be able to call them back in using a green flare.

You'll also be able to recruit in the game. If you have a space on your squad, you'll be able to recruit other player to join - so there are some game mechanics that are unique to PUBG New State to help it stand apart from PUBG Mobile.

After 8 months of teasing, it's great to finally have a date for the new title. We will, of course, keep you up to date with all the developments in what's aiming to be the most advanced battle royale game on mobile.

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