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Friday, 15 October 2021

Nanoleaf Lines move away from lighting panels in a new direction

Nanoleaf is making a concerted effort to break out of its place in the market as the specialist in flashy lighting panels - after the launch of Elements earlier this year, which add a wood-veneer look to its normally futuristic panels, it's now put out Lines.

This is an even fresher look for a Nanoleaf product - it's not a panel at all, for one. Instead, Lines offers modular lighting bars that still affix to your walls, but can be arranged into symbols and patterns as you like, and are backlit to offer mood lighting.

This means you can arrange them in myriad ways to create new looks for your walls, with both colour and ambient white lighting on offer. As before, that should make it ideal for anyone looking to jazz up the background of their streaming den.

The bars can click into 60-degree increments, so you're not going to be able to literally do whatever you want with them, sadly, but that still offers a lot of freedom. Like all of Nanoleaf's newer output, it's all Thread and Matter-enabled, so smart home future-proofing isn't a worry, and hooking your lights up to a smart assistant is also very doable.

While the bars come in white as standard, Nanoleaf is working on skins for them to change them to black or pick, although that won't happen until January 2022. The bars themselves are now available to pre-order and start from £179.99, which isn't small fry.

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