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Monday, 18 October 2021

Dbrand stops selling PS5 Darkplates - is Sony making its own?

Dbrand (which you might recognise from a long-running partnership with YouTuber MKBHD) made a splash nearly a year ago when it followed up the PlayStation 5's launch by releasing what it called Darkplates.

These black faceplates replaced the PS5's own white versions, which can easily be slotted off, to give it a completely different, and very in-demand, look. Darkplates flew off the shelves and were often out of stock, but now Sony seems to have had enough.

Given that Dbrand had slathered messages urging Sony to "try and sue us" on its marketing for Darkplates, there's a bit of irony mixed in here, but Dbrand is loudly protesting that the cease and desist it's been given is unfair.

For one, it argues that being able to choose new third-party faceplates should be allowed under the right-to-repair, and it also says that the shape symbols it layered the inside of its Darkplates with are distinct from Sony's own.

A lengthy post on Reddit explains the company's full position and objections, although it comes with the caveat that the plates are already unavaible, so it's clearly conceding a loud and annoyed defeat.

Part of its anger is based in the suspicion, shared by many, that given Sony's release of black versions of the Dualsense controller and Pulse 3D headset, a black PS5 might be around the corner, giving a clear motive for killing Darkplates after so many months.

Whether that comes to pass is a matter of waiting to see, but for now Dbrand is back to selling skins and wraps for the console, rather than full replacement parts. That still leaves plenty of options if you want a different look and feel, though.


Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/playstation/158757-dbrand-sony-playstation-5-darkplates-stopped

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