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Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Amazon's next experimental venture is a smart refrigerator with Alexa

Amazon has recently begun earning a reputation as one of the funkiest hardware manufactures in the industry. From the company's giant 15-inch wall-mountable Alexa-enabled tablets to its $1,500 Jetsonsesque robot that follows you around your house, it's certainly not afraid to shy away from tech that may turn out to not be a surefire success. 

In the latest rumours regarding its future experimental products, Insider reports that Amazon is eyeing an intelligent refrigerator with Alexa built-in as the company's next big test. 

It's no secret Amazon wants to make Alexa as ubiquitous as possible; however, a large and expensive appliance as infrequently replaced as a fridge has to be the company's most bold undertaking yet. 

According to Insider's report, Amazon is using tech it's designed for their fully automated cashier-less grocery stores - which at the moment the company is still exclusively testing in a select few markets - to translate into something useful for consumers at home.

Amazon is hoping the refrigerator will be able to track which groceries you buy when you put them into the fridge and which you're running low on as you start to gradually take them out.

Ideally, the company is vying for you to turn on some sort of automatic replenishment toggle, which would then allow Amazon to automatically generate shopping lists for you that get shipped to your door without much more than a simple 'yes' confirmation from you. 

All this would likely seamlessly integrate with delivery from Whole Foods, which Amazon has owned since its acquisition of the popular organic supermarket chain back in 2017. 

You can read the original report from Insider directly via the link below, but bear in mind the article sits behind a paywall. 

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