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Thursday, 15 December 2022

The best strategy games on PlayStation 5: Get strategic on your PS5

If you really like planning ahead and executing superb coups de grâce against challenging opponents, then strategy games are a must-try for you.

These titles, whether they're turned-based or real-time, let you pit yourself against the odds with interesting and often unique systems and game designs. The best of them have the ability to suck you in for one more turn endlessly, but many also tell interesting and engaging stories.

While they were historically the preserve of PC players, strategy games are now often brought to consoles with great success, including the PS5 - here are our favourites that you can play right now. For other genres of PS5 greats, check the table below.

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What are the best strategy games for PS5?

  1. Marvel's Midnight Suns
  2. Tactics Ogre Reborn
  3. Inscryption
  4. Crusader Kings 3
  5. Slay the Spire
  6. The DioField Chronicle

Marvel's Midnight Suns


This superb mash-up of a card game and social superhero simulator sees you take control of Marvel's heroes, some of them more well-known than others. You'll take charge of tactical battles using decks of cards, and get to know your fellow supes between fights.

It's a really well-balanced and satisfying singleplayer battler that has clearly taken notes from Nintendo's storied Fire Emblem series in the way it lets you chill out.

Tactics Ogre Reborn


This remake brings one of the most beloved and revered strategy games ever into a new generation, with updated graphics and some extremely canny tweaks to make its gameplay more intuitive.

The dark and emotional war story it tells should stay with you for quite a while, and Reborn stands as a really good example of how to do a remaster the right way.


This game is hard to describe and you're better off not knowing too much, but it effectively smashes together a deck-building roguelike game with an escape room horror story.

It's creepy, has a vibe that feels almost entirely unique, and features some extremely memorable twists - we heartily recommend it.

Crusader Kings 3


If you like your strategy to be a bit more epic in scale, this superb medieval simulator lets you see how you'd fare as the head of a family in warring nations.

Expect betrayal, vendettas, constant vigilance and much more - it's an endlessly inventive and rewarding time-sink once you start to really get into it.

Slay the Spire


This roguelike game sees you build a deck of cards as you progress through a map of encounters, each time seeing how far you can get and learning more about the systems that you're playing with.

It's got some genius design decisions at its heart and a really fun and unique art style, plus can become utterly addictive once you're in its grasp.

The DioField Chronicle


Real-time strategy games are a bit rarer on consoles, but The DioField Chronicle shows they can be done really well with a carefully-design control scheme and the option to pause when you need to.

This small-scale battler tells a nice mature story, but it's the quick and tactical fights that are the highlight, letting you take a small unit and overcome impressively arrayed foes.

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