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Thursday, 15 December 2022

G-Shock Adventurer's Stone edition watches add a little rock to several classics

Casio will kick off the 40th anniversary of G-Shock next year with a range of redesigned classic watches that know how to rock.

The Adventurer's Stone collection certainly has the minerals, as each model sports a design based on the stones used as guideposts by adventurers since the Middle Ages.

As well as the look and pattern on each watch's bezel, processing techniques used in manufacture adds a stoney, rough texture for a more tactile experience.

There are six variants on offer, taken from some of Casio's most-loved G-Shock ranges.

The GM-5640GEM x Sunstone is one of the two digital only watches, with a bright, rainbow-coloured bezel that shines depending on the viewing angle.

It costs £280 and comes with all the standard features of the 5640 line.

The GM-S5640GEM x Calcite model costs £250 and, like the Sunstone version above, has a rainbow effect.

The GM-2140GEM x Cordierite has a blue face and is matched with a mixed-colour moulded resin band. It's an analogue and digital model with a hand-shift feature and world time function.

It's priced at £270, while the GM-S2140GEM x Calcite is a touch cheaper, at £230. It has similar features but a lighter design.

The GM-114GEM x Calcite edition is £290 and is forged and ion plated with a gold and black finish. Another analogue and digital model, it also has ISO 764-compliant magnetic resistance.

And finally, the GM-S114GEM x Calcite will set you back £230. It's signature is a purple and grey finish, with hot stamping giving it an uneven texture.

The entire G-Shock Adventurer's Stone collection will be available in January 2023. US pricing is yet to be revealed.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/smartwatches/news/casio/163836-g-shock-adventurer-s-stone-edition-watches-add-a-little-rock-to-several-classics

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