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Monday 5 September 2022

Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 European pre-orders now open

European gamers can now pre-order the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 - the latest classic console harking back to the glory days of gaming.

Available from 27 October 2022, the second mini machine will offer 60 games, including a selection of Sega Mega CD titles that weren't included on the first Mega Drive Mini.

Like the name suggests, its design is based on on the second generation Mega Drive (AKA Genesis in the US) that was introduced in 1993. The games have similarly been curated by the team in charge of Sega's classic library and there are third-party titles included too, such as Earthworm Jim 2, Desert Strike, and ClayFighter (although we're not quite sure why that one).

The retail price in Europe is £109.99 / €109.99 although you might be able to find the console a little cheaper ahead of shipping.


Unlike the first Mini, you only get one gamepad this time, although it is upgraded to the six-button "Fighting Pad 6B". If you own the last model, those pads will still work with the Mini 2.

It might seem steep to pay out over £100 for a retro console these days, especially as a lot of the games are available elsewhere (such as on the Switch), but consider that you cannot buy the first edition Sega Mega Drive Mini for under £250 now and you can see that there will be plenty of takers for the limited stock.

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