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Monday 5 September 2022

Everything we know about Alone in the Dark: Trailers, story and more

The original Alone in the Dark is a classic of horror gaming, playing with your mind as you explore a Louisiana mansion, but it's also fully 30 years old.

That might be hard for some readers to believe, but it makes it less of a surprise that we're now getting another Alone in the Dark game, of the same name. Here are all the key details.

Alone in the Dark release date

There's no release date yet for Alone in the Dark - its announcent didn't come with a date attached.

We'd assume that means that the earliest the game might hit the market is late 2023, but it's also possible that it's further off than that, too.

Alone in the Dark trailer

There's only been the one trailer for Alone in Dark so far - you can watch it below.

It showcases a few glimpses of gameplay, which is welcome for a reveal trailer. You can see a couple of different playable characters, as well as a range of enemies and weapons.

Alone in the Dark platforms

The Alone in the Dark reboot has been confirmed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, so it won't be coming to older generations of hardware unless something changes on that front.

Alone in the Dark story

The original Alone in the Dark was set in a Louisiana mansion called Decerto, and from the trailer above and the information release so far it's clear that we're going back to that same sprawling house again, or at least one of the same name.

We know that you'll be able to play as two different characters in the game, and THQ's wording makes it sound like you'll pick between them rather than swapping from one to the other: "Play as either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood".

From the trailer it looks like at least Edward Carnby might be haunted by a young girl (unless she's actually really there talking to him), and it's clear that things will get plenty spooky and depraved as the mysteries of Decerto are slowly furled back.

Either way, it sounds like there will be plenty of replay value from being able experience the storyline through the eyes of each of the two characters, who will apparently interact with each other regardless of which you're playing.

Alone in the Dark gameplay

The original Alone in the Dark, from early on in the days of 3D gaming, is a slow and ponderous affair that nonetheless gets nice and creepy with some really neat and memorable tricks up its sleeve.

It looks from the footage we've seen like that the new game will be a little more in line with the likes of a modern Resident Evil title, with plenty of shooting to be done and a few weapons to explore while you do so.

You can see multiple enemies in the trailer, too, from a skeleton to a creepy little reptilian crawling monster, so we'd assume that there are a fair few monsters to encounter and either defeat or escape from.

We also get quick looks at a fair few environments, including a larger-looking town area, so we'd say you can safely bet on plenty of different areas to explore, and some nice visual variety as you move through the game.

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