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Tuesday 1 March 2022

Sonos Roam SL Bluetooth speaker offers portability at a lower price

Sonos has announced a microphone-free version of its super portable Bluetooth speaker in the Sonos Roam SL.

Offering an almost identical design (minus the mic button) and nearly all the same features as the excellent Sonos Roam, the Roam SL ditches the microphone and comes in at a cheaper price point - similar to what the Sonos One SL offers compared to the Sonos One.

The lack of microphone means you won't get Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice capabilities, Automatic Trueplay tuning or the Sonos Sound Swap feature that launched on Roam, but the Roam SL will still automatically switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and connect to the rest of your Sonos system.

Offering an IP67 water and dust resistance like the original Sonos Roam, the Roam SL can handle the outdoors no problem, whether its the garden, by the pool or the beach. If you already have a Sonos Roam, you can stereo pair a Roam SL to it, or another Roam SL, and it will also deliver all the usual Sonos features when connected to Wi-Fi, like compatibility with more than 100 music streaming services.

In terms of sound quality, the Sonos Roam SL offers the same internals as the Sonos Roam, which sounds excellent for its size so we're expecting great things from the Roam SL too.

The Sonos Roam SL will be available to order from 15 March for £159 in the UK. It can be preordered on from 1 March 2022.

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