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Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Apple rumored to be exploring the idea of a game console - and it could be in the form of Apple TV

Apple is said to be exploring the idea of a games console, with both a dedicated machine and a beefed-up Apple TV device mooted as possible options.

The rumours come from the South Korean forum Clien, with one user claiming to have knowledge of Apple's desire to explore gaming.

"It [the leak] is from Taiwan," the comment reads.

"It is rumoured that they are conducting a feasibility study by mobilizing external consulting, as well. Currently, we are discussing various methods, such as how to put in an official console device to how to turn Apple TV into a console."

The user has also indicated that Apple is seeking advice from certain game companies, such as Capcom and Ubisoft.

At first glance, it's all a bit of an eyebrow-raiser, obviously.

Despite the source being fairly tenuous, though, this is also the same place in which the first details regarding the iPad Mini emerged, as well as Samsung's RDNA 2 integration of its mobile chips, which was confirmed earlier this year.

It's still pure conjecture at this stage, but it's also not completely unfeasible. Apple could well be doing its due diligence and looking at the possibility of progressing Apple TV into a fully-fledged gaming device - hopefully with a more advanced effort than ones we've seen in the past. 

If so, it could end up playing the role of Google Stadia and Amazon Luna and trying to compete with the Xbox and Sony, but only time will tell if the company is truly serious about entering the console market.

Until then, at least you can turn your iPhone into a handheld console with the Backbone One. 

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