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Monday 28 March 2022

Is Fitbit working on successors to the Luxe, Sense and Versa?

Fitbit is rumoured to be working on three new devices, based on some lines of code from the latest version of an app that has been uploaded onto the Google Play Store.

Two watches codenamed Hera and Rhea have appeared in the code of a future version of the Fitbit app, spotted by 9to5Google. It's claimed the code not only highlights the names, but the fact that the two devices have the same display resolution of 336 x 336 pixels.

This is the same as what the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 offered when they launched in 2020 so it is thought the codenamed device refer to these model's successors.

A third device, codenamed Nyota also appeared in the code of recent updates to the Fitbit app. The code suggests this device will have a display resolution of 208 x 124 pixels, which is the same as the Fitbit Luxe, suggesting that device might also see a refresh too.

Based on the code, it's thought none of the devices will run on Google's Wear OS despite Google acquiring Fitbit. Instead, it is said the code refers to a software "bridge" that connects your phone to your watch and shares data via Bluetooth.

It's said as Wear OS has a different method of sharing data between your phone and watch that it likely wouldn't need this bridge and therefore the conclusion has been drawn that the new devices would run the same operating system as their predecessors. This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing as it might mean Fitbit retains the better battery life than most Wear OS devices offer, even if the new Wear OS 3 system is much better.

For now, nothing is official though Fitbit's launch cycle normally consists of two events a year so it wouldn't be too surprising to see something soon.

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