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Thursday 31 March 2022

KuCoin referral code: QBSSSM36 (get sign up bonus)

The KuCoin's referral code is QBSSSM36. This code can be used to get the best welcome bonus on the KuCoin crypto exchange.

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How to Get the KuCoin Welcome Bonus

The KuCoin sign up bonus is extremely easy to get. All users need to do is to enter the code QBSSSM36 when creating their account.

The one important thing to remember is that this promo code can only be used when creating an account. Those who already have an account will not be able to claim the promo offer.

Here is a step by step guide on how to get the bonus.

  1. Go to the KuCoin website and begin creating the account.
  2. Make sure that all the details in the account are accurate. With increasing regulations on exchanges, KYC and AML verifications are the norm.
  3. At some point, there will be an option to enter a referral code. Type: QBSSSM36.
  4. Complete all the verification checks to activate the account.
  5. Once all the requirements for the bonus have been met, it is deposited to the account.
  6. Users can also join the KuCoin referral program for additional rewards and bonuses.

Let's go through some of the additional ways for users to earn rewards on KuCoin after their registration is complete.

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KuCoin Referral Program

Previously, KuCoin had a referral program that was quite similar to most other crypto exchanges. Users would refer their friends and family and get a small share of the fees generated by them.

However, the exchange revamped its referral program to work differently. Now, users can still invite their friends and family, but they are rewarded for it by stars. These stars can then be cashed in for various prizes and rewards.

Stars are rewarded for referring someone to the exchange. The first stars are received when the referral signs up to the exchange. After that, there are additional stars for each major activity performed by the referral. For example, a lot of stars are awarded to the invitee once the referral hits a certain trading volume.

The rewards are handed out in the form of USDT and random coins. The rewards increase depending on the amount of stars that the user has earned, and go all the way to 1000 USDT.

KuCoin Affiliate Program

KuCoin also has a more traditional affiliate program where users can refer other people and earn commissions based on their trading volume.

However, the affiliate program is reserved for users that can prove that they have a substantial following. If the user has a platform that can be leveraged to bring new users to KuCoin, they can apply to be an affiliate.

It is possible for affiliates to earn up to 40% of the trading fees as commissions. They also have access to second-level commissions, where they earn a small percentage of their referral's commission.

Other Ways to Earn Rewards on KuCoin

KuCoin has numerous other ways for users to earn rewards on the exchange. The biggest one is lucky raffling, where it is possible to earn huge rewards by wagering just a tiny amount of crypto.

Some of the rewards on the lucky raffles are in crypto, while others are physical items such as tech products.

Apart from raffling crypto, users can also engage in trading competitions on crypto futures. This is known as Futures Brawl. However, it is important to remember that this is one of those areas where extremely skilled traders tend to be. As such, novice traders should probably stay away from Futures Brawl.

About KuCoin

KuCoin was founded in 2017, at roughly the same time as binance. However, the exchange got off to a slow start, and struggled to gain users over the first couple of years.

Since then, KuCoin has gone from strength to strength. This is mainly for two reasons. The first is that KuCoin has tried to encourage new sign ups by offering large referral bonuses and free competitions to new users. The second is the expansion of the exchange to include numerous DeFi features.

While KuCoin has slowly added all the major features found on the larger exchanges, it has trailed behind in terms of timing. Most of the DeFi have come about slightly later on KuCoin than other larger crypto platforms.

For example, while KuCoin offers a lot of NFT-based tokens, it does not have an NFT marketplace. That said, NFTs are perhaps the only area where KuCoin lags behind its competitors. It is a more than capable exchange everywhere else. Let's take a look at some of the major features offered by KuCoin.

KuCoin Trading Platform

Let's begin by taking a look at the KuCoin trading platform. All of the major features that users would expect are there. There is a simple spot trading platform that novice traders can use. Users also have the option of leveraging their trades to increase their profits (and losses if the trades move in the other direction).

The one area where KuCoin lags behind its larger rivals is the number of options available to purchase crypto with fiat currency. All of the standard options are there, including the ability to purchase crypto with a bank transfer or a credit card.

However, the number of peer-to-peer options available is around 20 in number. While this is not bad and should allow most people to convert their fiat currency into a coin of their choice, Binance has over 100. As such, people without a lot of access to traditional payment channels may have trouble using KuCoin.

When it comes to futures, all the major trading pairs are there, although once again KuCoin falls short in terms of scale. We have already discussed futures brawl, and KuCoin also provides leveraged tokens where there isn't a risk of liquidation for traders.

The one particularly redeeming feature of the platform is futures lite, which is a simplified interface where traders that do not have a lot of experience with futures can get a start.

KuCoin Mining Features

The one area where KuCoin actually excels past its competition is mining. While most other exchanges provide facilities where miners can increase the amount of coins they mine, KuCoin takes things to the next level.

The first option available to users is to join a mining pool. This is an option available on most exchanges where users can increase the gains from mining by empowering the hashrate.

The second option is cloud mining. This is the easiest method for mining enthusiasts to earn crypto, as they do not have to purchase the equipment themselves or be responsible for managing it. KuCoin further sweetens the deal by offering discounts for new users.

The only problem with cloud mining is that a select few coins are available at the moment. While KuCoin plans to add more coins in the future, users looking to mine altcoins that have not gained a lot of traction are out of luck.

Lastly, KuCoin also offers hidden prizes to users that invest in their cloud mining service. These prizes are usually a small amount of crypto, and should not be considered a factor when it comes to choosing a cloud mining service.

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KuCoin Defi Features

Decentralized Finance is a core component of KuCoin, and all the major features are present. Users have the ability to lend out the crypto that they own and earn interest on it. The interest rates vary depending on the cryptocurrency that is lent out, with the riskier cryptocurrencies usually commanding a higher interest rate.

There are also options for users to earn stable profits by investing their money for a specific amount of time. Once again, the profit earned depends on the coin that is invested, and the time that the funds are locked up for.

Like other exchanges, KuCoin also has its proprietary coin, known as KCS. KCS can be held by users on the exchange to earn rewards and reduce the amount that they pay in trading fees.

Lastly, there is also the token launch platform known as Spotlight. Spotlight is where crypto enthusiasts can be early investors in new coins. Obviously, this carries a higher amount of risk, but the potential for large profits is also much greater when taking part in token launches.

KuCoin Mobile Apps

Crypto apps can be hit or miss, but KuCoin has one of the highest-rated crypto apps currently out there. Both the Android and the iOS apps are lauded for being a bug-free experience and offering everything that is available on the desktop version.

Unfortunately, the experience is not as compelling when using the app on a tablet. It is basically the same as the phone app, with everything upscaled to fit the tablet screen size. As such, those wanting to use KuCoin on a tablet may want to access the exchange through their browser instead.

Get the Best Welcome Bonus on KuCoin Right Now

Overall, KuCoin is a capable exchange that can fulfil almost all the needs of a crypto enthusiast.

New signups can use the bonus code QBSSSM36 to get a signup bonus on the exchange.

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Disclosure: The owners of this content may be paid to recommend KuCoin. The content on this page, including any positive views of KuCoin, may not be neutral or independent. This article does not constitute financial advice.

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