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Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Kia EV9 moves from concept to production, due in 2023

Kia has confirmed that the Kia EV9 - first shown off as a concept car - will be going into production, expected to hit the roads in Europe in 2023.

The model is a bigger SUV take, sitting above the Kia EV6 which has proven to be really popular - and using the same E-GMP platform.

The concept shows off a three-row passenger car and there aren't a huge number of 7 seat EV models on the road - Tesla Model X and the Mercedes EQB being the first the spring to mind.

Whether the boxy looks will remain in the production model remains to be seen, as does the use of those doors with no pillar in the middle of the car.

The interior here has been designed to be more like a first class airline lounge and there are some interesting details, like retractable roof rails, meaning the car can be as aerodynamic as possible when they are not needed.

There are mirrors instead of cameras - something we're already seeing on production cars - and a redesigned Tiger Nose - here a lot less tigery and recognising that really you don't need anything on the front of the car, except to air smooth the airflow.

We're now well into many manufacturers' plans for electric cars, with more appearing on the roads and a movement into different segments outside the most popular.

While moving into larger vehicles - which will demand higher prices - might be relatively easy, we're still waiting for more at the affordable end of the scale. The likes of the Fiat 500e or Vauxhall Corsa-e have opened up some more affordable options, but it would be great to see models from brands like Kia and Hyundai sooner rather than later.

All eyes turn to 2023 when we'll see this expansive electric SUV hitting the roads.

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