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Friday 25 March 2022

Don't miss these superb gaming deals in the HP Days sale!

A good gaming PC and monitor are not as easy to lay your hands on as you might hope, with so many companies out there putting out mediocre builds that charge you too much for the results you'll get in-game.

Thankfully, you can bank on HP to put out great computers that are smartly built to get the most from their components to help you crunch through the latest releases with solid frame rates and great graphical settings. You can grab a bunch of impressive deals on both gaming hardware and other laptops and gadgets in the HP Days sale here, but we've picked out three ace gaming bargains from the roster for you, below.

OMEN 40L Desktop GT21-0148z PC

If you've ever looked into building your own PC, as much fun as that can be, you might have been warned off by the fear of doing something wrong, or the difficulty of sourcing certain components like graphics cards. That's why a great pre-built computer will always have a place in the market, as exemplified by this ace offering from HP.

It's stylish and great to look at, with clean and simple looks, but that's hiding plenty of power. You get a powerful AMD processor, along with an AMD Radeon RX 6600XT GPU that can crunch through the most demanding games even at high resolutions. There's huge amounts of storage, too, so that you don't have to delete games all the time, making for a really compelling package.

HP X27qc QHD Gaming Monitor

Once you choose a gaming machine (or if you've already got one, of course), you'll want a top-grade monitor to use with it, and a curved unit is an amazing way to step up the immersion in your game. Unlike a TV where you're further away, it's amazing for your peripheral vision.

This HP monitor has a gorgeous design that's easy to adjust to the right position for you height for maximum comfort, and outputs at 2560 x 1440 resolution for pin-sharp accuracy. It's got 165Hz refresh rates and AMD's FreeSync tech will make for no screen-tearing, making it an amazing package.

OMEN 27c QHD Curved 240Hz Gaming Monitor

If you like the idea of a curved monitor but want to push things even further, this OMEN model from HP is the perfect solution, with its absolutely face-melting 240Hz refresh rate that'll have you questioning whether games were ever fun until they were this smooth.

It also has insanely low 1ms response times, to make sure that if you're playing something competitive you can absolutely rely on your hardware to keep up with your reflexes, and the colours will be just as vibrant and impressive as you could want, too. It's the perfect monitor for anyone serious about their gaming.

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