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Friday 25 March 2022

Google could launch a new Nest Hub in 2022 that features a detachable tablet

Google might release a new device this year that functions as both a Nest Hub smart display and a standalone tablet.

According to 9to5Google, the Mountain View-based company is developing a new Nest Hub with a removable tablet and is aiming to launch the product in 2022. The screen reportedly detaches from the speaker base and can be used on its own. It's unclear what sort of operating system the device would feature. One would assume Android, but the second-generation Nest Hub runs a version of the Google Cast system, while the original Nest Hub recently updated to Google's Fuchsia OS. That said, 9to5Google noted Lenovo sells a $170 Android tablet that attaches to a speaker bar and runs Alexa.

So, if Google does load the device with Android, then that means it could offer the Play Store and run existing apps. We doubt it would run Chrome OS, as that is a power-hog of an operating system. Perhaps t'll run Google's new Android 12L operating system? Little is known at this point, honestly, including the price and screen size. For reference, the second-generation Nest Hub costs $100 and comes with a 7-inch screen, and the Nest Hub Max costs $230 and sports a 10-inch screen. Both allow media playback and serve as a smart home hub. The Nest Hub Max also has a camera for video calls.

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Until more is known, file this rumour away as a maybe. Pocket-lint will keep you posted if and when more news about the device leaks out. In the meantime, remember that Google typically has a hardware launch in the autumn, to officially release the latest version of Android and its new Pixel devices.

Thus, if the new "Nest Hub tablet" does indeed launch later this year, we suspect it could debut with the next Pixel refresh.

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