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Tuesday 1 March 2022

HTC has revealed additions to Viverse its version of the metaverse

HTC is at MWC 2022 showing off its latest offerings including Viverse - the company's answer to the metaverse.  

Viverse is said to be designed to "empower creativity, collaboration, connection, share experiences and more". It's about connecting people from all walks of life to enjoy new experiences whilst also maintaining identity, security and privacy. 

Viverse is multi-platform and designed to be accessed via tablets, PCs, smartphones and more. The HTC Vive Flow is one obvious candidate for diving into the experience. Donning the portable immersive glasses users will be able to move seamlessly between virtual venues in Vive Sync, Vive Engage and more.

HTC says it's working with hundreds of partners and developers to make for an open system where people can safely move between different virtual worlds and experiences. This includes entering other worlds, apps, games and content with ease.  

Alongside this news, HTC has also revealed that the Vive Flow will be the first VR device to support a crypto wallet. So users will be able to store digital assets including NFTs and manage them from there. If that's your thing you'll be able to use your assets in the Viverse this way. 

For parental peace of mind, HTC has also created Vive Guardian. A set of tools that include privacy and security controls that will allow parents to manage what children see in the Viverse. 

Viverse is open now and you can access it today on your phone, tablet or select VR device. 

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