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Monday, 7 March 2022

Meet the Photoshop artist you'd want to be trolled by

We all have our flaws and features of our body that we'd love a professional to edit out of our photos. Or maybe the perfect selfie that's been ruined by a photo-bombing pet or random stranger in the background. A skilled Photoshopper might be able to work some magic to improve these shots, but Photoshop trolls work a different kind of magic.  

One of those trolls is British graphic designer James Fridman. A man famed for his off-beat and literal editing of the photos submitted to his Twitter account and email address. Where many Photoshop trolls would hilariously edit photos without the victim knowing what they're in for, most people know what Fridman is all about. 

Next time that perfect photo isn't quite, well perfect, we can pretty much guarantee that James isn't the man to make it right, but you'll love the results nonetheless and so will the "victim". 

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