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Friday 18 February 2022

Stop what you're doing and watch Big Jet TV's live coverage from Heathrow instead

The UK is currently being battered by Storm Eunice and with one eye on the garden furniture, most of the population appear to be watching live coverage of London Heathrow instead.

Coming courtesy of Big Jet TV on YouTube, there's a livestream of landing attempts at London Heathrow Airport in the ferocious winds - all enthusiastically narrated by Jerry Dyer.

Standing in a field and filming the landing approach, it's a welcome distraction from the devastation being played out across the country, so hit play and take a look at what's going on.

The most amusing part about this - aside from the 170,000 viewers watching the live stream on YouTube at the time of writing - is the constant range of interruptions as various news services try to get some time with Jerry.

At the time of writing, having just conducted an interview over the phone, Channel 4 news has turned up wanting an interview too - and the demands don't stop. It seems that Big Jet TV is the hottest show in town and the best thing is that us viewers get to hear every word, it's beautifully real.

The big point here is to watch the skill of the pilots and see which aircraft make it down, which decide to go around for another attempt, and all in the knowledge that Big Jet TV will keep feeding you facts, figures and hilarious exclamations.

Keep an eye on the comments too - although they're scrolling too fast to really read, after each successful landing, they go absolutely crazy.

The question remains though - will that Qatar A380 ever make it onto the runway?

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