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Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Looking for an intense workout that's actually fun? Dance into your fitness goals with STEEZY Sweat!

Workouts at the gym can be boring, dry, and tedious. The simple act of lifting a series of weights in isolation can be mentally exhausting, making you want to give up on your fitness goals. If you struggle to keep up with your workouts, perhaps you need to find a way to make them fun! And that's precisely what STEEZY, widely hailed as the #1 dance app for people across different skill levels, aims to do.

STEEZY Studio has rolled out a new program called STEEZY Sweat, which includes music/dance-driven workout classes, with a new class released each week. The dance workout classes are uniquely designed to target all muscle groups while burning maximum calories, so you can simply follow the instructors and forget about the rest! The platform ensures you have fun while toning your muscles and burning those calories!

STEEZY Sweat gives you unlimited access to full-body, 30-minute dance workout classes led by world-renowned dancers. Each class includes up to 30 minutes of dance workouts to heart-pumping music sure to leave you dripping. Furthermore, STEEZY has a unique app that ensures you can follow the programs with complete ease, and you can also engage with a vibrant online community.

Below, we provide an overview of STEEZY Sweat and its features and capabilities - check out the end of the piece to find out how to get 20 percent off a membership!

New classes from multiple dancers every week

STEEZY Studio has the broadest online library of dance workout classes. The platform features 1000+ dance classes led by 100+ instructors across different dance styles. And the STEEZY Sweat program features a continuous stream of dance workouts led by multiple world-renowned dancers, with a new class dropping every week. Each Sweat class features a warmup, primary workout, and cooldown, so you receive a complete full-body workout within 30 minutes.

Connect with dancers and instructors worldwide

Unlike most other online platforms, STEEZY brings the vitality of human connection and community into your living room. Even if you're in your living room, you can be a part of a thriving online community. You can participate in challenges, talk to others participating in the same workout classes, and connect with dancers and workout enthusiasts from across the globe. STEEZY Sweat fosters an ecosystem of global dancers and fitness enthusiasts.

Take your dance workout classes offline 

STEEZY Sweet allows you to download all of your classes and take them offline. If you're in an area with a weak network, you can download the classes in advance, so you can later participate without any lags or delays. You can also control the videos according to your preference, such as changing the speed of the video, playing specific sections on a loop while you practice, and mirroring the video to copy your instructors.

Follow your instructors with complete precision

Following dance workouts online can be difficult for several reasons â€" you can't mirror the instructor or view them from different angles. However, STEEZY Sweat allows you to mirror the video, so you can easily copy the instructor's exact moves. You can also flip the video around and view the instructor from the front or back, so you know what to do with every part of your body. The platform has numerous playback features to simplify the workout classes, ensuring you maintain perfect form throughout.

Supplement your workouts with fun dance classes

When you first access the STEEZY app, you'll have to take a short quiz about your preferences. Based on the results, the app will provide personalized class recommendations in your dashboard. Furthermore, you can also browse the platform's library to explore other classes. Beyond STEEZY Sweat, you can find classes on various dance forms, such as Hip Hop, K-Pop, Ballet, Jazz, Locking, Krump, Whacking, and much more… the possibilities are endless.

STEEZY is undoubtedly one of the most innovative apps for dance classes and dance workouts, currently available on both Android and iOS. Whatever your level of fitness expertise, this is a great tool to shed those calories, tone your muscles, learn some dance moves, and engage with a thriving online community! Best of all, using the code POCKETLINT20 you can get 20 percent off the price of an annual membership, to enjoy all these benefits year-round.

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