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Monday 21 February 2022

His Dark Materials season 3: Everything we know

His Dark Materials is one of the great trilogies in modern literature by author Philip Pullman, and after the failed Hollywood adaptation back in 2007, there were fears it might never get the great on-screen version it deservers.

HBO and the BBC stepped in to put that right with their TV version, and while the first two seasons of the show are in the rear-view, a third and final run of episodes has been confirmed. Find out everything we know about the show's season three right here.

When is His Dark Materials season 3 out?

We don't have an exact release date for the next season of His Dark Materials, although we do know that the series wrapped on shooting in December 2021, which means we should still be a little way off being able to watch it, based on the normal timelines of TV production.

It has been an incredible six year journey through the Worlds of #HisDarkMaterials, but it's time to close the doors on the final chapter.

That's a wrap on Season 3.  pic.twitter.com/IRKO3u6EhX

â€" His Dark Materials (@darkmaterials) November 26, 2021

As soon as we get a confirmed release date, we'll update this feature to make sure it reflects that information, but until we hear more from HBO we can only wait.

How and where to watch His Dark Materials season 3

If you're in the UK, based on previous seasons you can bank on being able to watch the next season of His Dark Materials as it airs on the BBC, either on broadcast channels or through the iPlayer. In the US, meanwhile, it'll be through HBO exclusively, again whether you get yours on cable or using HBO Max.

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How many episodes in His Dark Materials season 3?

We know how many episodes there will be in the final season of His Dark Materials, thanks to a quote from Jane Tranter, an executive producer on the show - she confirmed that it'll be a run of eight:

"I like stories told really slowly and that kind of like, 'Let's really dig into this,' but truthfully that was me just longing to go on making His Dark Materials all of my life, and actually, The Amber Spyglass is quite right adapted into eight episodes and I will fully and humbly admit I was completely wrong and talking out my butt. I really wanted to just keep doing it."

What is expected to happen in His Dark Materials season 3?

The good news for those who want to know what's coming in the next season is that it, very obviously, is based on the third novel in Pullman's trilogy - The Amber Spyglass.

This means that you can get ahead of the story by reading the novel if you like (and we highly recommend doing so, it's a stunner), although you may want to stay free of the knowledge to keep things fresher.

Lyra and Will have plenty more sights to see and a perilous journey to make, to put it lightly, while Miss Coulter and Lord Asriel will continue to intertwine around them as they wrestle to have a say over the future of humanity and its interaction with Dust.

Where to catch up on previous seasons of His Dark Materials

If you're in the UK, you can catch up with both of the first two seasons of His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer without needing to worry about them disappearing before you can catch up.

In the US, it might mean an HBO Max subscription at this point, so that you can watch the show on HBO's own streaming platform. You can also check it out on Hulu, though, with an HBO add-on.

Will there be a His Dark Materials season 4?

Sadly, since the source materials ends with The Amber Spyglass, we know that this will be the final season of His Dark Materials. Or do we?

Philip Pullman has written a second trilogy of novels set in the same world as his first three, The Book of Dust, of which two parts are now out to read and a third is coming out in 2022. While the novels are not all set during the events of His Dark Materials, they feature some of its characters - Lyra in particular.

This means that we wouldn't rule out a return to Lyra's Oxford for the TV show down the line, although it might come under a different name. Again, we quietly hope they do pursue this, as the new novels are so far just as mesmerising as the older books.

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