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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Stephen King picks his top 5 Stephen King books

Master of horror and of the twist you never saw coming Stephen King probably gets asked this question every interview he gets, but we love it anyway.

Appearing on The Late Show to promote his latest release Billy Summers, host Stephen Colbert asked Stephen King what his top five Stephen King books are.

Considering the author has a terrifyingly enormous shelf of novels, short stories, and novellas, it should have been a tricky task. But the author made light work of it.

"My favourite short story would be called 'Survivor Type', which was about a physician who gets stranded on a little island and he's smuggling heroin. He's starving and he eats himself piece by piece," King said.

"I like it â€" for the whole family," said Colbert.

"It could be a Disney cartoon," replied King.

Stick around for King's other picks, which include his 2006 book Lisey's Story, which has been made into an Apple TV+ series with King's help. And while we're here, we can direct you to a whole glorious list of Stephen King books to read, depending on your mood.

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