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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Best phone mount for cars 2021: Cradle your cell phone the easy way with these tried and tested picks

We're routinely testing and rating new products, but our Top Pick is currently the Vicseed Car Phone Mount. We also recommend options from Artech, Yosh, iOttie and Beikell, which you can read more about below.

Mounting your phone in the car isn't glamourous, unique or even something you need to do before every journey, but, often, it's still the easiest way to navigate, take calls or control music playback.

Many vehicles now come with fancy, built-in dashboards that you can link your phone to over Bluetooth - however, in this guide, we'll be focusing on the phone mounts specifically designed for you to install.

These finely-moulded bits of plastic allow you to keep in touch while driving, and the Pocket-lint team has been testing some of the best and most popular picks out there in order to decipher which is right for your car.

One of the first things to understand when delving into the world of car phone holders is that there are three recurring design variations to consider - dashboard, windscreen and air vents - with some units managing to incorporate more than just one method.

Your car's array of air vents, the design of the dashboard and the actual distance between the dashboard and the windscreen will largely dictate how you fix the mount in place. Certain cars won't have the air vents available to clip a mount onto, for example, but will have an accessible dashboard - and vice versa.

Only by exploring the tried and tested picks below will you get an idea of which is best for your car, but we've also included plenty more things to consider further below. So, whether you have an iPhone or Android, let's dive into the best car phone mounts to help you remain hands-free on the road.

Best car phone mounts: Our Top Pick

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