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Friday, 27 August 2021

Astell&Kern releases it newest A&ultima SP2000T audio player with triple amps

High-quality music is growing far past the levels of obsession with vinyls, with Dolby Atmos and Apple lossless grabbing headlines seemingly every week. Another player in the world of high fidelity sounds is Astell&Kern, and with its release of its new A&ultima SP2000T portable digital audio player, it looks like there's even more to discuss with how quality a sound can get.

So, what is it? Well, Astell&Kern make a variety of music players, as well as headphones and home entertainment systems, and its A&ultima series of audio players sit at the top of its lineup. The SP2000T is the newest addition and is meant to bring in some new tech to the model series, as well as come in at a more achievable price point. How achievable? Not very, at $2400. But it still undercuts the SP2000 and SP1000 by more than $1000.

The new A&ultima SP2000T will be the first to have a bunch of new tech, including a Quad-DAC, Replay Gain function, and the much-hyped about Triple Amp System. But what's the point, I hear you ask? Well, if you're so in-tune with your music, you might find that certain songs, albums, or bands will work better with different amps and the characteristics that they can bring out in the sound. For example, the TUBE AMP will bring out a warmer tone, potentially enhancing the recording of acoustic recordings, while the OP-AMP strives for absolute clarity. The last HYBRID AMP gives the best of both worlds, sitting in between the two.

You really have to appreciate the absolute in audio fidelity to justify the price of an Astell&Kern player. But if you work in the industry or have a passion for the clearest of clear audio, then maybe the new A&ultima SP2000T is worth a look. But don't forget to plug your best headphones in, or download top-level audio files, otherwise it's all for nought.

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