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Tuesday 31 August 2021

The Apple Watch Series 7 is most likely going to be delayed

The much rumoured Apple Watch Series 7 design changes don't appear to be all too drastic, but for the supply chains manufacturing them, it appears to be a different story. As per reports by Nikkei Asia and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is apparently halting production on the upcoming Series 7 due to increased difficulties during assembly leading to an unacceptable rate of failed quality control checks. 

The sources speaking to one of the publications allege that due to the higher "complexity of design", Apple contracted assemblers "found issues when putting together electronics modules, components and displays". 

Originally, all signs pointed to Apple getting prepared to release the new model in September, however, while these new reports clarify a delay is in order, it's unknown for how long that might be.  

Ultimately, while the new flat edge chassis is most definitely contributing to this, Nikkei Asia claims that an all-new blood pressure monitoring system making its debut in the Series 7 is creating difficulties in the water-proofing aspect of the watch's design as well. 

Bloomberg's highly reliable Mark Gurman later confirmed in a statement,

   Apple Inc.'s upcoming smartwatch is suffering production snags as manufacturers adjust to a new design, likely leading to shipment delays or supply constraints

We've spent months covering all the rumours, leaks and photographs of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, which you can read through right here. 

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  1. Apple has really been mindful so as to hold it back from looking enormous and furthermore the bigger form doesn't look abnormal on a unimposing female