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Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Xbox Cloud Gaming coming soon to both generations of Xbox consoles

Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming soon to Xbox Series X / S consoles, as well as the previous generation Xbox One line this holiday season. 

The announcement was made at the Xbox Gamescom livestream, where the company is spending 90 minutes promoting all their latest gaming and services announcements, revealing new trailers and more. 

For a roundup of everything Microsoft is covering in this event, check out our overview right here. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming started out a few years ago under the moniker Project xCloud, but as the service developed, Microsoft announced the feature to the world under its new title and quickly released versions of the app across Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and even Chromebook last year.

Now, with the service heading directly to Xbox consoles themselves, users can access games instantly they might not own, or be able to play with their friends at Xbox Series X-level graphics on their One S from 2016. 

Unfortunately, they'll be no upgrade from the Cloud Gaming max stream resolution of 1080p / 60 FPS, but for the sake of our broadband, this should be okay for now. 

Microsoft says that they'll start testing the feature via their Xbox Insider program in the fall, so if you're interested in signing up for that, tap here. 

To read up on everything you need to know about Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, check out our full report and overview right here. 

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