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Wednesday 25 August 2021

Everything you need to know about Far Cry 6: Platforms, trailers and release date

The Far Cry series has evolved into one of the most popular sandbox shooter franchises ever, and it's a big fan of hopping around the globe between entries. Far Cry 6 has been announced and unveiled, and things look predictably explosive.

We've got all the key details for you right here, including details on its release date, trailers and gameplay information, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know. 


Far Cry 6 trailer and release date

We got a first trailer for Far Cry 6 during Ubisoft's Forward event in July 2020, and it's a chunky cinematic look at what we assume will be the game's main antagonist, and his interesting attitude to fatherhood and parenting. 

At that point we were hopeful that it wouldn't be too long until we got to see some gameplay and got a sketched-out release date of February 2021, which we've obviously long since blitzed past. Given the timing of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated work-from-home changes, it's no surprise that Far Cry 6 got delayed to some extent. 

Now, though, the game has resurfaced with a full gameplay reveal, and a confirmed release date of October 7th 2021, so it'll be out pretty soon. 

Far Cry 6 platforms

When Far Cry 6 was first unveiled we hadn't yet got our hands on the next-gen consoles that we're now lucky enough to be enjoying. Even then, it was confirmed that the game would be cross-generation.

Taking another Ubisoft release as a guide, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will be the best place to play Far Cry 6 for smooth frame rates and better visuals.

However, it'll still appear on the PS4 and Xbox One (with free upgrades to next-gen when you get it), too, as well as gracing PC rigs the world over. As we have to point out all too often, there won't be a Switch version - unless a huge hardware upgrade comes along for Nintendo's console, it's unlikely it'll be able to contend with Far Cry 6's visuals. However, it will be coming to Google Stadia for you streaming fans out there.

Far Cry 6 story

Far Cry 6 takes players to the island of Yara, which looks for all the world like Cuba, much like Far Cry 4's environment was modeled on Tibet and Nepal. The island is in a state of total chaos, overseen by local dictator Antón Castillo.

He's played with real menace by Giancarlo Esposito, who Breaking Bad fans will be entirely familiar with, and looks like a really potent antagonist. The unveil trailer also showed off Castillo's son, Diego, who is being groomed to succeed him. It looks like a harsh world for Diego, and the smart money isn't on him making it out as a balanced, calm adult. 

Players will be taking part in a guerilla revolution with the people of Yara, according to Ubisoft, playing as Dani Rojos and choosing whether they'll be male or female at the outset. Either way, it'll be a fully-voiced protagonist, not a mute cypher. 

Far Cry 6 gameplay

There are some fairly big changes coming to the Far Cry formula in the sixth outing, which should be very welcome after the last couple of outings retrod a bit of ground. For one thing, the environment is the biggest the series has yet seen, according to the developers. 

It's also home to a major city, Esperanza, not just the small settlements that previous games have featured, and that environment means more verticality thanks to high-rise buildings. The weaponry you'll use is also set to look a little different - because this is a revolution in a long-blockaded state there's going to be a more homemade aesthetic.

We're sure that more military weapons will make appearances as well, but screenshots so far show a few cobbled-together attachments and weapons that look enticing and could potentially mean a more in-depth return to the Far Cry crafting trees we all know and love. 

There'll also clearly be some heavy options available - it looks like the tank in the header image for this piece is drivable, and that flyable vehicles are going to make a return as well. 

Far Cry 5 introduced a Guns For Hire system that let you buddy up with AI companions, inspired by Far Cry 2's buddy system, and that's also set to return in Far Cry 6. We don't know too much about these characters, but Ubisoft says they'll be larger than life. The one we do have full details on is the slightly disappointingly-named Chorizo, a cute wee wiener dog who'll help you out when needed.

Far Cry 6 Season Pass

At its E3 conference for 2021, Ubisoft took the chance to show off some of the DLC that will come to Far Cry 6 after its release as part of the season pass.

The headline addition is a mode in which players will be able to take on the role of the villains from Far Cry 3, 4 and 5 - seeing their world through their eyes and fighting in what look like pretty trippy environments. We don't know how long or big each section will, but the original voice actors are returning and it looks like hectic fun.

The trailer also confirms that the season pass will include the well-liked science fiction DLC for Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, and we assume this will be with upgraded visuals, which could make a for a nice trip down memory lane.


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