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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Bosch eBike Systems releases new smart system with fresh app and display

Bosch eBike Systems are found on a vast amount of bikes from urban to road, mountain bikes and cargo bikes. Its latest smart system  - as it calls it - will feature its largest capacity battery yet, a new LED control unit, Kiox 300 display, and new Flow App.

Firstly, the battery. It's called PowerTube 750 and comes in at 750Wh, which is in line with the likes of Specialized and Shimano. That size seems to be reaching a limit in terms of size vs weight. It's made to work with Bosch's third iteration of the Performance Line CX drive unit.

The Kiox 300 display is without a doubt Bosch's cleanest yet. It's designed to sit centrally above the stem, connecting to the handlebars - so nicely out of the way. There are no buttons, rather the LED Remote and app change the settings. The display is only that: a display. It shows all your fitness metrics though, including current speed, distance ridden, time ridden, and more. It connects directly to the Flow App, which is the central piece that keeps the whole system running.

Right, the Flow app. Other systems like Specialized and Shimano have had an app for their bike systems for ages, letting you keep track of the system's health, as well as allowing you to tweak the system - increasing or decreasing the assistance for each level as you like. The Flow App does this too, allowing you to tailor-make the levels to what suits you best. It connects via Bluetooth to your bike as well as to the internet, so you can get real-time updates to the system without having to plug the bike into a computer when an update is required. This will no doubt also help when those dreaded error codes pop up from nowhere.

Lastly, the LED remote has a redesign too. While some brands like a subtle and minimal remote, Bosch went all out. It looks like it's more suited to urban riding, as there are buttons for lights and navigating the display. Some other brands keep it to two small buttons. But there's always room for preference, and it looks like a well-designed remote that fits ergonomically around the handlebar. It also has a few LED lights to show what power mode you're in.

Bosch's new smart system will no doubt find its way onto a number of model ranges in the coming year and will continue to be a mainstay in the industry.

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