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Monday, 16 August 2021

Nobody Asked You to Code Like Kubrick

Let's talk about artistry, craftsmanship, and software quality. Writing code has been compared to art as well as a craft. I love discussing the difference between the two and their relationship with the quality. Software quality is a multi-faceted beast (functional correctness, usability, maintainability, and all the other ilities). It's impossible to judge the quality of a program by only looking at its source code, but it's easy to recognize a clear lack of quality from any illegible tangle of spaghetti. Tools for quality metrics can point to such potential trouble but won't guarantee that you're building the right thing.

Anyway, if you take pride in your work, you don't need tools to keep you on the straight and narrow. A true craftswoman always does the best she can. There is no such thing as too much quality, is there? Perhaps talk to the person who's putting up the money. Quality saves money later, but it will cost you right now. From a business perspective, the product needs to make money long enough to justify that expense. From an artistic perspective, none of that matters. The true artist pursues quality for its own sake. Allow me a little segue into film and music.

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