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Monday, 16 August 2021

Condition Monitoring: A Pillar of Industry 4.0

Importance of Condition Monitoring in Industrial 4.0 Era

Traditional manufacturing relies on manual health checks or scheduled maintenance checks to optimize productivity. Facing a growing shortage of workers, manufacturing is forced to become leaner and rely more on connected solutions to meet demands with desired quality at competitive price points. With Industry 4.0, the focus is shifting to improving operational efficiencies through automation. And condition monitoring solutions are front and center among the key IIoT technologies behind Industry 4.0. They leverage predictive and cognitive analytics as well as machine learning to automate and streamline preventive maintenance.

Simply put, Condition Monitoring refers to monitoring parameters that reflect the health of a machine or asset. The condition data is ingested using IIoT technologies and analyzed for Predictive Maintenance purposes. However, Product Quality Control is not the only benefit that  condition monitoring systems offer.

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