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Thursday 15 December 2022

Best strategy games for Xbox Series X/S: Get tactical with these titles

Strategy games can make you feel like a genius in a way that other genres struggle to match - provided you plan carefully enough or make the right off-the-cuff decision at a key moment.

It's a really satisfying genre to play and has the added benefit of often offering a slower pace for those who aren't looking to play anything too frenetic.

We've gathered our favourite strategy games on Xbox Series X and S right here for you, but you'll also find other genres to browse in the table below.

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What are our favourite strategy games on Xbox Series X/S?

  1. Marvel's Midnight Suns
  2. Crusader Kings 3
  3. Gears Tactics
  4. The DioField Chronicle
  5. Slay the Spire

Marvel's Midnight Suns


A superb strategy game, Midnight Suns' battles revolve around decks of cards that you have for each hero you use, with abilities that synergise together marvellously. It's a really simple but deep battle system.

This is merged carefully with an expansive story, and you get loads of downtime between missions to get to know some famous and more obscure heroes as you like.

Crusader Kings 3


If you want a more realistic setting for your strategic pretensions, then this medieval game could be perfect - it takes place over decades, not mere moments, and lets you try to create a truly lasting dynasty.

Its systems mean you're guaranteed some unpredictable outcomes and surprises, and it's all about making connections with the characters you create and their progeny - while they're alive, at least!

Gears Tactics


A successful spin-off from Gears of War, this tactical game was so popular on PC that it got a great port to consoles, where it looks excellent and plays really smoothly thanks to clever controls.

It gives you a whole new perspective on the battle waged for humanity's future in the series, featuring the same gory executions from a very different angle.

The DioField Chronicle


A real-time strategy game on consoles is a rarer beast thanks to the challenge of moving around a battefield with a controller, but The DioField Chronicle manages it as well as anything we've played.

It keeps the battles relatively small but has tactical sophistication to offer up, and it's paired with an impressively subdued and mature story of war and alliances.

Slay the Spire


This card game is a roguelike one, meaning you build a deck from scratch each time as you attempt to map your way to an eventual victory - one that will take you a while to manage as you learn the ropes.

Once you're familiar with how it works, the matchups absolutely sing and you start to realise how many strategic combinations are open to you, making it a truly special game.

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