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Friday, 18 November 2022

YouTube Music hides the dislike button in a big visual refresh

YouTube Music has begun rolling out a refreshed user interface that moves some buttons around, including hiding the dislike button in a menu.

The move, which comes hot on the heels of YouTube also doing away with the dislike button on its video streaming service, means music fans now need to tap a menu button before they can vent their dislike of a song. But that isn't the only change that has been made, with other buttons shifting around all over the place.

At the very top of the screen, people can now see where a song is being played from, such as a radio station or a playlist.  There's also a new Cast button right beside it, making it easier and faster for people to start casting their tunes to a compatible speaker or TV.

The addition of the new "playing from" text means that the Song and Video toggle has had to move further down, while the artwork has also been increased in size, although only slightly by our eyes. Other elements of the screen have simply shifted up slightly to fill some space.

The main playback controls have remained untouched for the most part, although the Play/Pause button now has a white background to make it stand out a little bit more.

If you aren't seeing the new look yet, just hang fire. The change appears to be a server-side one so you won't need an app update for it to kick in. It'll just magically appear, so keep your eyes peeled the next time you launch your YouTube Music app.

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