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Tuesday 29 November 2022

Sky Glass and Sky Stream Ad Skipping: What is it and does it cost extra?

Sky Glass and Sky Stream owners now have the opportunity to include Ad Skipping as part of their monthly bills.

Sky is offering the service as an add-on to its Sky Ultimate TV package, much like UHD & Dolby Atmos, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, so customers can choose whether they want to pay the extra or not.

But what is Ad Skipping, what do you get for your money, and how much does it cost? We answer all.

What is Sky Ad Skipping and how does it work?

The Ad Skipping pack is available for Sky Glass and Sky Stream. It enables viewers to fast forward through adverts found in shows and movies they have restarted or in any on demand content.

It also enables fast forwarding through adverts on apps such as All4, ITVX and STV Player, without needing an individual subscription to those services.

If you do not have Ad Skipping as part of your plan, you cannot forward or skip adverts on Sky Glass or Sky Stream, although you can still pause a live broadcast and forward through the ad breaks up to the live transmission again.

How much is the Ad Skipping pack?

Ad Skipping costs £5 per month on top of your existing Sky Glass or Sky Stream subscription.

Hang on, don't I already have Ad Skipping?

If you are an existing Sky Glass or Sky Stream owner, there is a likelihood that you'll have Ad Skipping already. It was offered as a 12-month or 18-month incentive for new customers, so it may be that you still have a decent amount of time before it becomes an optional extra.

Sky Glass and Sky Stream owners will have been informed on installation how long the introductory offer was to last.

You can check if you have Ad Skipping already by heading to the bottom of the homescreen on your Sky Glass TV or Sky Stream Puck. Click on "My Sky", then "Your products".

If you have a PIN set up you will need to enter it, then click on "Sky subscriptions" and "Sky TV". Scroll down the list of subscriptions and you will see whether Ad Skipping is active or not.

Are there any deals on Ad Skipping?

While there are no deals on the Ad Skipping pack, the £5 a month does cover the ability to fast forward adverts on both All4 and ITVX - both of which usually charge individually for that feature as part of their own subscription plans. All4 costs £3.99 and ITVX £5.99 per month.

In addition, there is a deal on the Sky Ultimate TV pack for new customers. It is currently priced at £23 per month. The addition of Ad Skipping brings that up to £28 per month, so it's only £2 more than the usual price when combined.

When will Sky Ad Skipping be available?

Sky's Ad Skipping service is available now.

You can also find out more about Sky Glass and Sky Stream in our in-depth features on both here:

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