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Wednesday 23 November 2022

A cordless vacuum is a perfect holiday gift idea

Putting together a holiday shopping list saves time and money. You can find great deals and discounts on some amazing products. A cordless vacuum cleaner is a life-changer in many ways. It's super convenient, runs on a rechargeable battery, and is safer than a traditional vacuum.

Do you think a cordless vacuum would be a fantastic gift for someone in your life? If yes, we have two fantastic options for you to consider.

Puppyoo T11 Mate cordless vacuum cleaner

Some cordless stick vacuums are heavy and not the best replacement for the standard vacuum. However, the Puppyoo T11 Mate is super lightweight due to its aluminium construction, so it's easy to carry.

The high-quality construction ensures the vacuum's longevity and durability. It's also much less noisy, with a maximum sound level of 72db. In terms of power, the 415W motor generates 120AW suction force. The Puppyoo features a patented dual exhaust and noise reduction design, and a fully sealed filtration system which captures 99.82% of fine particles.

But you might wonder, 'What about the brush?' It's super thin, very brisk, and can go into any corner of your home. The front LED searchlight helps you spot areas that otherwise would remain unclean. You can empty the dustbin in one click and use the wall mounting system for charging and storage.

Furthermore, the T11 Mate is incredibly user-friendly. It has two cleaning modes, Standard and Strong. In Standard mode, the T11 Mate runs for up to 50 minutes* of daily cleaning (*depending on real environmental conditions) and offers reduced suction force. It's ideal for daily and less demanding cleaning.

On the other hand, the Strong mode produces up to 10 minutes of high suction force and removes all the fine particles and allergens. Finally, the Puppyoo T11 Mate comes with many accessories, like a crevice nozzle and 2-in-1 square brush, and a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Puppyoo T12 Pure cordless vacuum cleaner

The T12 Pure from Puppyoo is a robust and incredibly reliable cordless vacuum cleaner. It's super powerful, too, as it features a 535W motor and 170AW suction force. With a runtime of 60 minutes, you can clean most homes without recharging the battery.

Furthermore, the eight-cell 2500mAh battery takes around 3.5 hours to fully charge. You can install the mounting system on the wall and remove the vacuum whenever the home needs a quick sweep. This high-performing cordless vacuum has three cleaning modes.

The Auto mode utilizes Smart Sensing technology to adjust suction force depending on the environment. The manufacturer refers to the Max mode as 'hurricane strong' because it removes even the most stubborn dust particles.

Finally, the ECO mode provides the least suction but works without breaks for up to 60 minutes. The front LED light allows you to see the areas you often miss, thus providing you with the peace of mind that your home is thoroughly clean.

Also, the magnetic cup is easy to clean and pops back into the vacuum with no effort. Apart from the main brush, the T12 Pure comes with a mattress roller brush, stiff bristle roller, filament roller brush, and a few more accessories.

Be the best gift giver this holiday season with Puppyoo

If someone you care about needs a new vacuum cleaner, the Puppyoo T11 Mate and T12 Pure are phenomenal choices. Each comes with excellent features and impressive runtimes.

The T12 Pure is stronger and perhaps a better choice for homes with pets and a lot of foot traffic. But T11 Mate is more affordable yet incredibly efficient.

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